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theemptywriter's Journal

The Empty Writer
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A discussion community focusing on concerns about the upcoming series five of the BBC's Doctor Who.
This is a meta community intended for speculation and discussion about the upcoming fifth series (and possibly beyond) of the BBC's Doctor Who, under the new executive producer, Steven Moffat. This is NOT an anti-Moffat community; it is not a place to insult Moffat, but instead to discuss and critique his former work, as well as his perspectives as applied to that work. Neither is this community designed to cheerlead Moffat but instead discuss how his vision will affect the upcoming series.

Admittedly, the maintainers are not admirers of Moffat's style and purported intentions towards Who under his direction. With that said, we are aware that not everyone who watches this show (or will join this community) feels the same way. Therefore, posts/entries that exist merely to tear down Moffat are not allowed. We may not agree with the man's style or possible direction for Who, but this community was created in curiosity and because of an established love for the show that's existed thus far and not as an arena for Moffat-bashing. The idea behind The Empty Writer is that many of us who love the show (in either Classic form, the New Who under Russell T Davies, or both) have concerns about new New Who. Whether you intend to watch series five or not, you're welcome here to discuss the future of Doctor Who.


- This is a discussion community; nice, long, meaty commentary is welcome.

- Because this is a discussion community, we would prefer that all members use generally accepted grammar. Netspeak is very difficult to read and many people have their own variations, so please avoid using it. "I luv it wen he sez that 2 u" takes much more time to decode than reading, "I love it when he says that to you." We are not the grammar/spelling police, but please try your best and make an effort at readability for everyone.

- Bashing is not allowed. However, criticism is not bashing. Criticism in the field of entertainment is fair game. Writers, actors, etc. get reviews all the time. It is part of the job, and as long as your criticism remains just that ... criticism, it is allowable. If criticism steps over the line to bashing, you will receive a private message regarding the issue. Because the foundation of this community is based on a wariness about Moffat's Who, less than complimentary critique of his work is to be expected.

- SPOILERS: Remember a spoiler is anything that has not aired first-run on UK television -- with the exception of commonly-known information such as David Morrissey in the Christmas special, David Tennant's departure after the 2009 specials, etc.

- This is not a creative community; it's for discussion. Therefore, fan works such as icons, fiction, vids, mixes, etc., as well as other off-topic posts (pimping other communities would fall under this) are not allowed.

- Because this is a community meant for serious discussion, anonymous comments are disallowed. If you can't stand openly by your opinions, then you aren't attempting real two-way communication.

- Please be aware that *trolls* may lurk here. There are two ways to deal with trolls. The first is to ignore them. The second way is much more fun and just as (if not more) effective. Simply take every single word they say seriously and respond as if they are genuinely seeking enlightenment. It's a LOT of fun.

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